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Get Spring Grove Pet Urine Treatment

We love our pets and as well behaved as we may think they are, accidents happen. If you have carpet anywhere in your home, it’s a likely spot for pets to potentially urinate. This not only can leave a yucky stain but the odor from the urine will linger for a long time. Keeping your carpet clean while having pets isn’t the easiest, but getting it cleaned doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting your carpet deep cleaned once a year will get any lingering pet urine odor out, as well as remove underlying dirt ad allergens in the carpet!

A deep carpet cleaning and pet urine treatment Lake Villa, IL is necessary even if you spend time vacuuming every week. Household vacuums tend to suck up the dirt closer to the surface, leaving many particles to fall to the bottom and settle there until you get a professional carpet treatment. Think about the times you laid down on the freshly vacuumed carpet. You’ve probably sneezed or gotten itchy right after vacuuming the carpet. That’s not uncommon, considering the dirt flying around from the vacuum cleaner itself! If you leave these unwanted elements in the carpet, it effects the quality of the carpet as well as the air quality in your home – think about your allergy flare-ups.

For pet urine, the odor trapped in the carpet can linger and even travel through the rest of the house if not treated correctly. Not to mention, lingering smells will invite the pets to eliminate in the same area again. Don’t wait too long to get a professional pet urine treatment in Lake Villa, IL.


Professional Carpet Cleaning

A professional pet urine treatment in Lake Villa, IL is beneficial to any home with carpet. Supreme Cleaning is a leading carpet cleaning company that offers excellent pet urine treatment in Lake Villa, IL. The benefits of using a professional Lake Villa, IL pet urine treatment are the results of commercial grade equipment, cleaning solution and years of experience in successfully cleaning thousands of carpets.  There are two main components to how we get supreme results every time – 1) the use of our truck mount system; 2) the power scrubbing done to loosen deep & stubborn dirt.

The truck mounted cleaners are an established part of our industry for over 30 years. It’s been the go-to method all of these years because it’s been proven to work. Our own truck mounted equipment is effective, powerful, reliable and can clean carpets better than any other method out there. The truck mounted equipment uses heated and pressured soft water for the best cleaning results. This combination is extremely powerful and gets results that make our customer happy.

The power scrubbing component has the major task of loosening the dirt stuck deep down in your carpet. Removing the stubborn dirt can extend the life of your carpet. In this step, we use our counter rotating brush with spins at a high velocity to loosen the dirt, moving it towards the top for easier removal in later steps. Because this counter rotating brush does the job of moving the dirt, it allows us to use less water and energy. It’s surely a sight to see when all of the dirt comes to the top – extremely gross, yet somehow satisfying.

The Pet Urine Treatment Process

The steps of our Lake Villa, IL pet urine treatment process is as follows:

  1. We’ll move most of the furniture out of the room. Included furniture types are: couches, chairs, nightstands, coffee tables, small dressers, and recliners. We DO NOT move larger furniture, such as: pianos, china cabinets, decorative art, entertainment centers, large beds, or large armoires.
  2. We’ll bring in our professional-grade HEPA vacuum to remove dry soil in the top layer of the carpet – this will remove airborne allergens. Our equipment also includes tools that let us reach hard to reach places, so no place is left untouched.  
  3. If the carpet being cleaned is in a high traffic area, we’ll pre-treat the carpet to ensure that all soil and dirt will be loosened before moving forward.
  4. Next, if there are special areas of concern (i.e. pet urine stains, ink, coffee spills, make-up, or blood), we’ll also do a pre-spot treatment for these spots.
  5. As discussed above, we use the Counter Rotating Brush to loosen up the soil that is stuck deep down in the carpet fibers. This is necessary before the next step.
  6. Now, we steam clean the whole carpet. This step utilizes our truck mounted equipment. The filtered softened water ensures maximum soil removal and will result in soft, dry carpet in the end.
  7. We’ll then move the furniture back into its original placements.
  8. With the pet urine stain now removed, we’ll lightly deodorize the carpet. This leaves you with fresh scented, supremely clean carpet.
  9. To help reduce the time it takes your carpet to dry and to enhance the clean carpet look, we’ll groom most carpet styles.
  10. To further assist with the drying, we’ll use turbo air movers on the newly cleaned carpet to reduce the drying time even more. If you choose to, we’ll also apply ScotchGard carpet protector in this step.

This 10-step process usually takes between 1-4 hours to complete, depending on the scope of the project. This doesn’t include the 6-8 hours that it would take your carpet to dry with our turbo air movers. Of course, the areas that have higher traffic take longer to dry because of the additional carpet treatment. We recommend that all people and pets stay off of the carpet until it’s completely dried to avoid any new stains or dirt to be trapped in the dampness.


Working with Supreme Cleaning

After working with thousands of satisfied customers, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed when you hire Supreme Cleaning for your Lake Villa, IL pet urine treatment. To keep up the quality of your carpet, we recommend getting your carpet cleaned regularly (at least once a year) or more if you have children or pets that tend to leave a lot of stains on the carpet. Ready to get rid of that pet urine stain on your carpet? Call us or fill out the online form for a free estimate!

Other Services Supreme Cleaning Provides

Our business is in cleaning; we do more than cleaning pet urine! If you’re looking for more than Spring Grove Pet Urine Treatment and need good, deep cleaning of different areas of your property, we have the solutions for you. Whether you need cleaning done on kitchen tiles or patio decks, we have various pressure washing services that will do the trick. We can remove dirt, algae, mildew, moss, clay, oil stains, and just about any other stubborn stains you might find around the home.

Below are the other services we provide to get your home cleaned:

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