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House Washing and Power Washing in Lake County IL

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House Washing in Lake County IL

House Washing 3Our house washing services are guaranteed to be SUPREME and above all the rest. We can restore the beautiful look of your home exterior to bring back a clean and satisfying feeling. Your home will be washed using low pressure, along with detergents and algaecides to fully and effectively remove all dirt and organic growth from your home siding, trim, gutters, downspouts, and window frames.

All of our house washing services come with a 2-year guarantee against organic regrowth on home siding. The process begins with a thorough survey of your home exterior identifying all areas of concern and attention. We then protect your home by covering all exterior electrical outlets, Ring Doorbells, and clearing away front porch chairs/ furniture.

Our House Washing Process

  • Your home exterior is first rinsed with water to remove loose dirt and cool the surface.
  • We then apply detergents and algaecides at low pressure to fully coat all exterior surfaces to be cleaned. These are allowed to dwell in order to remove the algae and organic growth at the roots.
  • Afterward your home is rinsed, again using low pressure, to rid the home of all dirt, algae, organic growth and cobwebs. Our cleaning process will remove cobwebs, but will not prevent them from returning.
  • Your home is now guaranteed to remain free of organic growth for 2 years from the date of service.

Pressure Washing / Soft Washing in Lake County IL

Deck FenceOur pressure washing & soft washing services are guaranteed to be SUPREME and above all the rest. Our service begins with a walk around of your property to identify all areas of concern and need.

Depending on the surface material being cleaned, this will determine the use of Pressure Washing (high pressure) or Soft Washing (low-pressure). Pressure washing relies on water impact to remove dirt and debris. Soft washing relies on cleaning agents and water volume to
remove dirt and debris.

  • Concrete (over 1 year old), Brick Pavers, and Stone can be Pressure Washed.
  • Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, Sand Stone, Blue Stone, and Concrete (less than 1 year old) will be soft washed.
  • We can remove dirt, algae, mildew, moss, clay, oil stains, walnut stains, berries from trees, bird droppings, etc.

Rust & Hard Water Removal in Lake County IL

Rust RemovalOur Rust & Hard Water removal services are guaranteed to be SUPREME and above all the rest. Services will begin with an assessment of the situation and surrounding areas. Water run off, sprinkler systems, worn out and deteriorated metal flashings or railings can all cause unsightly rust and hard water deposits. Rust and hard water are often only an 1/8” or so deep on the surface and must be cleaned with a chemical reaction to remove the iron deposits. Each case is unique and dependent upon several factors such as surface material affected and length of exposure. Rust and hard water can be removed, however it can return if the original cause is not addressed.

Some Before & Afters From Our Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Services in Lake County IL

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