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Long Grove IL Carpet Cleaning to Renew Your Carpet

When you choose Long Grove carpet cleaning, you’re guaranteed to receive a SUPREME experience from the beginning to the end of our service. You know that getting your carpet cleaned gives you brighter and newer looking carpet, but did you know that when cleaned properly it will also remove allergens too?

Even with routine, weekly vacuuming there are a lot of missed particles in your carpet. These unwanted elements can affect the air quality of your home and potentially be the cause of your allergy flare-ups! Imagine that – laying on the carpet, that you just vacuumed, causing you to be itchy, sneeze or cough. Letting Supreme Cleaning Company professionally clean your carpet can remove these allergens and give you amazing results.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Long Grove IL

The benefits of using a professional Long Grove carpet cleaning company is giving your carpet access to professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions. There are 2 main benefits of having professional carpet cleaning done: 1. Use of truck mount system; 2. Power scrubbing done to loosen deep & stubborn dirt.

  • Truck mount cleaners came onto the market some 30 years ago – since then, professional carpet cleaners have sworn by their effectiveness. We agree to this, as our own truck mounted equipment is powerful, reliable and cleans carpets better than any other method. Our truck mounted systems use heated, soft-water to ensure the best cleaning results – the water is also pressured, giving it even more cleaning power.
  • Power Scrubbing, as you’ll see in step 5 below, can extend the life of your carpet. Using out Counter Rotating Brush will loosen up the dirt that is stuck deep down in your carpet. Because it is using movement to loosen the dirt, we’re able to be more efficient by using less water and energy without any loss of quality results. Our customers are often shocked yet thrilled at seeing what comes up from their carpet during our cleaning process.

It’s not impossible to do the carpet cleaning on your own with rental equipment, but we can’t say it would bring the same results are hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Additionally, if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment or process, DIY carpet cleaning may cause damage to your carpet and walls!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process


Our Long Grove Carpet Cleaning service is a 10-step process, where we take care of just about everything.


  1. We start with moving most furniture out of the room being serviced. Furniture included are couches, chairs, nightstands, coffee tables, small dressers, and recliners. Furniture NOT included are pianos, china cabinets, decorative art, entertainment centers, large beds, or large armoires.
  2. We then use our professional-grade HEPA vacuum to clean all areas to remove any dry soil and to limit the spread of airborne allergens. We also have tools to use in hard to reach places like crevices along the baseboards and door jams.
  3. For high traffic areas, we will pre-treat the carpet using extra attention to ensure all soils and dirt and loosened.
  4. f you have any noticeable areas of special concern, such as ink, coffee, make-up, or blood, we would also give a pre-spot treatment of these spots.
  5. Power-scrubbing with our Counter Rotating Brush is the next step, an important step in this carpet cleaning process. Power-scrubbing the carpet loosens up the soil that’s stuck deep down in the carpet fibers; it also prepares the carpet for the next step of steam cleaning.
  6. Next, we steam clean all areas. What makes this step unique, when working with us, is using our truck-mount steam cleaning equipment with filtered softened water to ensure maximum soil removal and end in giving you soft dry carpet.
  7. Our team then safely returns your furniture back in its original placements.
  8. We will then lightly deodorize the carpet, leaving you with a fresh scent of supremely cleaned carpet.
  9. To help reduce dry times and enhance the clean carpet appearance, we will groom most carpet styles.
  10. Finally, we’ll place turbo air movers on freshly cleaned carpet to reduce drying times even more. Included in this step, we also provide the option to have ScotchGard carpet protector reapplied. ScotchGard is a carpet protector that can be sprayed on to help reduce the absorbency of carpet fibers, which allows more soil to be removed during your routine vacuuming sessions. (Think of it like wax for your car! Having extra protection on your carpet will keep it looking its best for a longer time. 


Our carpet cleaning service typically takes between 1-4 hours, depending on the scope of the project. Once we set our turbo air movers to help your carpet dry faster, you’d be looking at 6-8 hours before the carpet is dry; but, heavier traffic areas with additional carpet treatment may take longer to dry. It’s recommended that everyone and all pets stay off the carpet until it is completely dried to avoid any new stains or dirt trapped in the dampness.


Long Grove Carpet Cleaning is Safe for Your Home, Family and Pets


Our methods for carpet cleaning in Long Grove are designed to be safe for any household. The chemical solutions we use are safe for the family, after all is done and the carpet is ready for sitting and rolling around on again. We also use corner guards to protect walls from being damaged, and carpet glides to safely move your furniture out of the way. Just as importantly, we use Seal-A-Door to keep household pets in and to keep bad weather out while we get the job done.


The Supreme Cleaning Company Carpet Cleaning Difference


Having thousands of satisfied customers in our portfolio, you can be sure that hiring Supreme Cleaning Company for carpet cleaning in Long Grove will be the best decision! We’re a leading Long Grove carpet cleaning company that is confident in giving each of our customers the results they desire. Whether you want to have a regular, annual carpet cleaning or deep cleaning from stains made by children or pets, we’ve got the solution for you! We also provide 



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