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Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning

The care and maintenance of a high-quality Oriental rug are essential to its longevity. Namely, because these types of carpets trap dirt particles within their fibers which will eventually cause them to wear down more quickly than normal due to this trapped material. If you’ve ever dropped a book on a dirty rug and seen a cloud of dust, you have an idea of just how much dirt can be trapped. Simple vacuuming doesn’t get all this dirt out; it actually gets only the dirt closest to the surface. What deep Oriental rug cleaning does is get down to the very bottom of the fiber to rinse out any dirt buried underneath.

Supreme Cleaning’s Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning is more than just a quick in and out service. We begin our process with a thorough survey of your Oriental rugs to determine fiber content and rug construction. Knowing more about your rug will allow us to figure out the best course of action and be able to answer any questions you may have. As Oriental rugs are removable, we would take it to our location and clean it on-site for best results. If you’re looking for a reputable Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning company, look no further than Supreme Cleaning.

Benefits of Getting Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning

An Oriental rug is a statement piece of décor in your home, you want to keep it looking good. Regular deep cleaning will help restore the original beauty & vibrancy and make sure that this area stays fresh for years. It’s important to hire the best cleaning service for an oriental area rug so they can be enjoyed by many more people who may visit your home. If you have an old, Oriental rug in your home that needs restoration we recommend getting professional Oriental rug cleaning.

Aside from getting your rug looking beautiful again, there are other benefits to having a professional Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning. Removing the dirt and dust from the rug also removes any allergens trapped inside. You’ll feel more comfortable lying directly on the rug or allowing your children to do so. That means less sneezing from the dust and not getting itchy from a dirty rug. Bad odors are also removed during this cleaning process. Our cleaning process gets down to the molecular level to neutralize odors from anything ranging from pet urine to smoke and food stains.

How We Treat Oriental Rugs

Our Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning process involves various steps to give you the best results and cleanest rug possible. We know that your oriental rug is a reflection of your home’s style, so we take very special care to give them back their original shine. There are many steps in our process for this reason – it’s all about giving you the best results and cleanest rugs possible!

Our multi-step oriental rug cleaning process is as follows:

  1. We will thoroughly inspect the oriental rug to determine the material, construction, and damages. When ready for service, we’ll pick it up to be brought to our location.
  2. Any dry soil is removed using RugBadgers, compressed air, and vacuums. This removes dry soil from the top layers of the carpet.
  3. For deeper cleaning and dirt removal, we’ll pre-treat the oriental rug. Depending on whether it’s made of wool, Olefin, Viscose, or other material, the pre-treatment will be done with either a fine rug shampoo or an alkaline treatment to suspend and remove the maximum amount of soil.
  4. After letting the pre-treatment sit for some time, we’ll scrub the oriental rugs to remove and loosen the maximum amount of soil. This gets to the bottom of the fibers removing deeply trapped dirt, odors, allergens, etc.
  5. If there are spots from ink, coffee, urine, etc., we’ll do spot treatment and fringe cleaning. If applicable, the fringe will be prepped and hand scrubbed.
  6. We will then apply steam to extract or flush in a wash pit to remove all soil and any soaps used during this cleaning process.
  7. The oriental rug will now be set to dry in a controlled heated environment.
  8. Once completely dried, we’ll wrap up the rugs and deliver them back to you ready to be displayed or put in storage.

We’ll bring back your rug in excellent shape – it will be like having a brand new rug again! You can expect ugly stains and discoloration to be reversed with our proven rug cleaning technique.

Why Choose Supreme Cleaning for Your Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Having been in the business of cleaning services for many years, we know our technique works and so do our thousands of customers who walk away satisfied with our services. We’re confident in our ability to successfully complete each job and leave our customers happy. As a leading Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning company, Supreme Cleaning is a top choice – you won’t regret choosing to work with us!

No matter how dirty your oriental rug may be, we’re more than happy to come out to inspect and provide you with a free estimate. If you’re ready to rejuvenate your oriental rug, give us a call or fill out the online form today. Supreme Cleaning Company provides oriental rug cleaning in Highland-Park, Northbrook, Winnetka, Wilmette, Glencoe, and the surrounding areas.

Other Services Supreme Cleaning Provides

Our business is in cleaning; we do more than just clean oriental rugs. If you’re looking for more than Lake Villa Oriental Rug Cleaning and need good, deep cleaning of different areas of your property, we have the solutions for you. Whether you need cleaning done on kitchen tiles or patio decks, we have various pressure washing services that will do the trick. We can remove dirt, algae, mildew, moss, clay, oil stains, and just about any other stubborn stains you might find around the home.

Below are the other services we provide to get your home cleaned:

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